ASPART-X Flooring applications have been formulated to hold all the benefits of polyurea such as high tensile strength, chemical resistance and Elongation but with the added advantage of an aesthetically pleasing, UV stable, stain resistant finish, suitable for Concrete patios, Garage floors, Industrial flooring and Wet rooms. Just like all the LINE-X family of chemicals ASPART-X has no VOC’s or CFC’s – 100% solids.

A finished application will not crack, yellow or fade unlike other traditional flooring systems such as Epoxy.

ASPART-X resists most chemicals such as oil, salts, petrol and diesel, making an ideal flooring application for Garages and showrooms. Once installed ASPART-X delivers a high impact and abrasion resistant flooring that can walked or driven on within hours of installation.

Problems with traditional flooring systems is that they just ‘stick’ to the surface of a substrate which leads to de-lamination and failure, especially on moist concrete floors found in garages and workshops. ASPART-X has been designed to soak or absorb into a correctly prepared surface which when cured becomes an integral part of the substrate. Becoming part of the substrate means that’s ASPART-X will not delaminate, crack or peel.

ASPART-X Advantages:

  • Does not harm the environment
  • VOC and CFC Free – 100% solids
  • Creates a water tight seal – ideal for wet rooms
  • Adheres to most substrates
  • Return to service in 24hours
  • Optional slip resistant enhancements
  • Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Exceptional protection against impact and abrasion