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LINE-X Van Lining in 2016

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So we are just coming to the end of March 2016, 3 months already been and gone. We thought we would share a quick update of some of the Van’s that have been LINE-X’d here in our North Devon workshop.

Western Power – Ford Transit Van Liner – Floor Only western power truck - Ford Transit with LINE-X Floor Only Van Liner

The previous floor in the Western Power Van was looking worse for wear with chunks missing from the wooden floor and the rubber matting ripped beyond repair. We lined the floor of the Ford Transit with 3mm of LINE-X. This will give the van floor enough durability to withstand the constant walking in and out, dropping of tools and transportation of miscellaneous items.

Toyota Proace Van liner – Floor, Wheel Arches and Quarter Sides

Toyota Proace - LINE-X Van Liner

This Toyota Proace was a brand new vehicle off the forecourt. The customer requested LINE-X because of the type of transportation the van would carry out would mean the van load area would need jet-washing between loads. LINE-X provides a completely water-tight seal which allows the load area to be jet-wash or steam cleaned with no effect on the LINE-X or the substrate underneath.

The Big Pig Hog Roast – Nissan NV400 Van Liner – Floor and Third Sides

The Big Pig Hog Roast - Nissan NV400 Van Liner

The gentleman from The Big Pig Hog Roasts knew of LINE-X due to his past pick-up truck being lined many years ago and he was so impressed at the longevity of LINE-X, that he wanted to protect his next investment, A Nissan NV400, with the same quality of protection he had in his previous vehicle. Here we applied a LINE-X van liner on the floor, wheel arch covers and just over half way up the sides.

Big Blue Surf School – Ford Transit Van Liner – Full Interior

Big Blue Surf School - Ford Transit - Van LinerThe problem with the Big Blue Surf School Ford Transit was that the interior was in consistent contact with salt water from hanging surf suits and the transportation of surf boards.

The salt water lead to rust which would soon rot out the floor. Matt from Big Blue Surf School had the rust treated then bought his Ford Transit to have a LINE-X van liner installed. We sprayed the complete interior of the load bay including floor, wheel arches, sides and celling. We used grey LINE-X so the interior would not be too dark.


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